A LorenFlower is an abstract sculpture that carries its essence organically. The flowers are handmade from recycled materials by a nationally recognized artist whose vision is to share the true spirit of gift giving in a lasting way. All sculptures have their own name and thoughtful meaning printed on wildflower seed paper cradled in its single green leaf. Pull out its message, read it, and plant it to see its essence literally grow. 

LorenFlowers are not meant to be kept forever, but insist on being re-gifted. The true meaning of a gift is the actual experience of giving as well as receiving. Accepting the LorenFlower is honoring its purpose to spread the seed of good spirit. To be the seed, enjoy the flower as long as you like. When you feel called, give it to someone else. This process is the true essence of gift. 

Each LorenFlower comes in a sturdy box that acts as a vessel of travel. LorenFlowers are signed limited editions with a series number and meaning on its base. They are created from recycled scrap materials so sharp edges may exist. Please be careful when handling.​ 

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Watch how a LorenFlower is made: