Do you ever receive what appears to be a "sign" or have a gut feeling about something? Do you ever take the time to examine why?


Loren doesn't believe in coincidence. He believes everything happens for a reason and that coincidences, signs, synchronicities or “gut feelings” are really the universe’s way of communicating with us.


After years of studying the different philosophies of consciousness, Loren began implementing his own form of ritual, meditation and mindfulness practice. Through journaling, he made special note of the things that most people ignore as coincidence, labeled them "signs" and assigned meaning to them. In time, Loren created a language to understand these signs from the universe.


In 2008, after many years of practicing this language, Loren came to a major crossroad in his life. He embraced the moment as an opportunity to test whether the signs from the universe were actually real. By setting an intention to follow the signs Loren was guided on a new path in his life. With a goal to spread good spirit and energy through his true passion, art, combined with his decades of spiritual practice and research, he developed a series of artistic sculptures that define the conscious meaning of the word “gift.” He calls this series, LorenFlower. 

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